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Have you hit a wall in your life that leaves you feeling trapped?

Compulsive habits, fears or anxieties hold you hostage, robbing you of your best life…a life with true purpose?

My gift is helping others harness their power to achieve what they really want….a purposeful life without the wall

I Will Guide You...

with hypnosis, to a wonderfully relaxed state that allows the conscious mind to chill while we access those long held memories stored in your subconscious. Together we will identify the source of the problem that is the cause of your compulsive habits, your deepest fears or acute anxieties

With My Guidance...

you will be able to look in and around those scenes from the new and empowered perspective of today, freeing you to rewrite the inner dialogue attached to those memories that until now has been impossible to get beyond

Some Typical Symptoms



Infertility & Impotence

Anger Issues

Compulsive Behaviour

Stress & Anxiety


Emotionally Stuck

Fears & Phobias

Guilt & Shame

Sleep Problems

And the list goes on…


I was amazed by what happened. In just a couple of hours. Lynda helped me to understand why I kept guilt and anger inside me.  Lynda knew what she was doing and guided me perfectly to understand where this all came from and why.  Thanks to her I feel calmer, serene and in control of my emotions. I felt so good working with her. I absolutely recommend working with Lynda.

Louise, Scotland

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You May Have Tried...

other treatments or modalities with limited success but you know that something is driving you to discover why and where those compulsive habits, fears or anxieties really come from. You know that life without the problem is available to you….if you only knew how. Well you’ve come to the right place

Typical Therapy...

 tackles the symptoms of an issue…not the person. My gift is to go beneath the visible symptoms and guide you to reveal the real reason those symptoms exist

“I will guide you to the moment the experiences took place that caused you to believe something that’s no longer relevant or valid. When you can see it through the lens of who you are today, history will no longer have the power to determine your future.”


I had a few sessions with Lynda in relation to chronic pain I have had for over a decade. Not only did she help me uncover the unconscious story I was telling myself that was causing my pain, she crafted the ideal new story to replace it with that I was able to implement emphatically. Her intuitive and empathic ability so obviously comes into play as she is able to uncover everything that’s hidden without fail. I can’t recommend her more highly…RTT really does work.

David, NZ

The steps we will take

Step 1

We’ll work with your subconscious to identify the source of the symptoms

Step 2

We’ll interpret the meaning you attached to past experiences and review them through the lens of who you are today

Step 3

We’ll reframe and transform your internal dialogue so you no longer look at it through the lens of guilt, shame, fear or confusion

Step 4

I will create a highly personalised audio that will embed your new paradigm over the next 21 days

…and catapult you forward with focus and purpose

Lynda Colby

Lynda Colby

C. Hyp, RTT, IACT Certified

I had never thought my life was perfect but then whose is.

I thought that dealing with the shit that life throws at you sometimes was just part of everyday living, you coped and got over it and moved on….wrong!

It wasn’t until I started to seriously look at my history of failed relationships did I realise that something somewhere had caused this looping pattern that no matter how hard I tried I seemed incapable of moving beyond. Basically like a moth to the flame I choose emotional vampires as partners. Likewise those same people chose me because my need to be worthy played right into their hands.

From a very young age I became a past master at hiding what I really felt. My coping mechanism was an exterior persona that exuded confidence from every pore when in fact the real me was screaming to be seen because I wasn’t ok.

Luck, destiny whatever you want to call it brought RTT into my life and I was suddenly reviewing stuff from my past that I thought was done and dusted but in fact sat at the very root of the whole goddamn cycle! The change in me when I understood this …..priceless.

I was free at last. Free from all the guilt, shame, self-doubt, fear and insecurities that had kept me stuck. I was free for the first time in my life to live my best life without the baggage of the past and without fear of the cycle repeating ever again.

The reason I’m telling you this is because I’m just like you, perfectly imperfect! I understand how it feels to keep going round in the emotional hamster wheel unable to get off.

That is why I am doing what I do today because I know I have a unique gift. My past was always leading me to this place where I combine my life experiences, my skills as an empath, an internal dialogue coach, a hypnotherapist and as an RTT Therapist. The power of these skills enables me to reach into your soul and reveal to you what it is that’s holding you back from leading the life you envisaged, in the most profound way. Life without the problem can be yours…I’m your safe pair of hands.


I was very sceptical about RTT but was pleasantly surprised.  Lynda guided me through the session and helped me to understand why I had anxiety issues.    Lynda is lovely and it was easy to feel comfortable and relaxed with her during the whole session and open up to her.    Lynda really helped me be less anxious to the point I’m now able to sleep at night.  I would definitely do it again and I recommend Lynda’s sessions to anyone who needs help. 

Annie, UK

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Benefits of Working with Me


Go beneath the visible symptom


Understand the real reason it exists


Reframe your inner dialog to match your new perspective


Walk away having given yourself permission to have your new life


Experience permanent liberation from your current life circumstances


Discover latent potential you never knew you had


Reveal the true source of your issue


Interpret the beliefs you attributed to past life events


Begin living your life from a brand new perspective immediately


Receive a personalised audio to embed your new vision for your new life


Receive support from me for 21 days after your session


Are you ready to Magnum Opus your new life story?

RTT – a powerful process for achieving extraordinary, permanent change from physical, emotional and psychological pain


“I’ve battled with emotional eating for years, and I mean 30+ plus years!
Over time this had begun to subside. I had reduced from eating boxes of 12 small fresh cream cakes to eating one box. I then went from 1 box of 12 to a small box of 4, this could happen once or twice a week – yep a week!

Various self-help books, professionals and CBT sessions later I reached out to Lynda.

Lynda helped bring forward my awareness of what was causing the emotional binge eating, this had never happened before. Once this was recognised Lynda worked with me and I have now found that the things that would previously trigger me no longer do.

I have now gone 3 weeks without bingeing at all, at all, can you imagine how that must feel! Thank you Lynda, you have literally helped shape my future.”

Julie, London

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Ways we can collaborate

Single Session

Via Zoom

Intake call of up to 30 mins

2.5 hour Hypnotherapy session

Bespoke recording to listen to for 21 days

Follow up Call of up to 15 mins each week to support you during this period of change

Review Call to assess effectiveness and outcome

$330 NZD

Prices in New Zealand Dollars

Prices Include GST Where Applicable

3 Session Bundle

Via Zoom

3 x Intake Calls of up to 30 mins each

3 x Hypnotherapy Sessions

3 x Bespoke Recordings

Follow up Calls of up to 15 mins each week to support you during this period of change

3 x Review Calls to assess effectiveness and outcome

$850 NZD

Prices in New Zealand Dollars

Prices Include GST Where Applicable

Personal Guidance

Monthly Subscription

Via recorded audio/voice memo

Share your grandest vision for your life that you;re uncomfortable sharing with others

Share your pain, insights and inspiration

Receive on-going monthly support and guidance

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